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Bank Equipment 

Acme Safe provides a wide variety of high-quality bank equipment including vaults, vault doors, pneumatic tube systems, night depositories, safe deposit boxes, lockers, teller equipment are more. Below are just some of the many bank equipment items we offer. We also offer a wide range of safe deposit boxes and lockers.

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Modular Vaults 

These vaults can be installed and ready to use in a few days. 

modular vault system provides flexibility and can be built 

around already existing structures. We use extremely high

PSI conrete, allowing our vault panels to exceed the

requirement of U.L. Our vaults are available in many different

classes and ratings. 

- Short leadtime item

- Uses high PSI concrete

- Made in America 

- Easily secure valuable items

- Multiple options to choose from

- Delivered/installed by Acme Safe

Vault Doors 

Our vault doors are some of the best available. In addition to our internal

testing, our door has been tested and approved by U.L. for Class 1 and 2.

These tests include attacks by mechanical tools, electrical tools, and

oxyacetylene torches. To meet international requirements, our door has

also been tested and approved by several leading bank test agencies. 

- Dual control combination 

- 144 hr. U.L. listed time lock

- Alarm door and heat detector

- Features a vault vent port 

- Lexan or Bar day gates available 

- Extra large doors for folklifts and trucks

- Burglary resistant 

- Made in America

GSA Vault Doors 

Multiple Classes Available 

Day Gates 

Teller Equipment 

We offer a full line of teller equipment including teller cabinets and pedestals. These units are available in a variety of different options such as drawer and shelf configuration choices. Our unique line meets A.D.A. height requirements and can also be used as a service desk pedestal or as a sit-down pedestal in your operations room. With over 110 years of experience, Acme Safe is your single source for your financial institution. 

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These units meet or exceed A.D.A. requirements. They feature a patent-pending

hopper-style design that is manually operated after hours. It requires less than

pounds of force at any time through out the transaction. These units are ideal 

for securing important envelopes, documents, and other valuables during times 

the business is not open. The light, easy to use design, and release mechanism

will make it easy for customers and employees to interact with the depository. 

Night Depositories 

- U.L. listed to prevent attacks

- Release mechanism prevents jamming

- Easy to operate

- Attractive appearance and durable

- Recessed lighting for customer 


- Weather protected envelope storage

- Easily transformed to a key only drop

- Alarm system and video available

- Optional conveyor system

- Any size will meet requirments 

Pneumatic Tube Systems

Tube systems incorporate a unique see-through design that reduces the overall profile of the unit. Stations reduce teller fatigue and have a smaller footprint on a 18" island, providing maximum lane space. High performance locking mechanims secure the unit and an integrated landing feature extends the life of the unit. Multiple options such as integrated two-way color video with motorized tilt control on lane cameras are available. 

- Uses environmentally friendly materials

- Tube systems are easy to service and maintain 

- Units are customer friendly with custom controls

  and simple to use features. 

- Designed for high performance and durability

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Please Note: All measurements are in inches. Dimensions include handle and object projection.

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