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Double Door Used Safes

Acme Safe offers a wide range of used safes. Special care ensures that each used safe is fully restored. The result is a next to new safe with a significant discount that gets passed onto you, our valued customer. 

Marvin Double Door Plate on Wheels


Outside: 68H x 40W x 30D

Inside: 57H x 38W x 21D

Reference Number: A300

Mosler Double Door with Wheels


Outside: 76H x 51W x 31D

Inside: 60H x 41W x 18D

Reference Number: A302

Stander Double Door with Wheels


Outside: 74H x 41W x 32D

Inside: 57H x 30W x 18D

Reference Number: A304


Halls Double Door with Wheels

Schwab Double Door


Outside: 85H x 51W x 31D

Inside: 68H x 36W x 16D

Reference Number: A301


Herring Hall Marvin Double Door with Wheels

Outside: 83H x 45W x 34D

Inside: 66H x 33W x 20D

Reference Number: A303

Mosler Double Door with Wheels


Outside: 63H x 37W x 28D

Inside: 46H x 28W x 14D

Reference Number: A305

Outside: 43H x 47W x 28D

Inside: 28H x 42W x 16D

Reference Number: A306

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Please Note: All measurements are in inches. Dimensions include handle and object projection.

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