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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about safes and service

What kind of safe is right for me?

The type of safe that is right for you depends on many factors. One of the first things to determine when trying to figure out what safe you should purchase is if the safe will be for your home or business. Another piece of information to consider is the value of the items which will be placed into the safe. At this time, you may also consider determining the size of your safe. We recommend getting a safe slightly larger than what you think you might need for important items you may be forgetting or for future items obtained. Acme Safe has over 30 categories of products that we offer. This simple information helps us to narrow down the scope of what is right for you. If you are looking for a home safe, categories like fire safes, burglar/fire safes, gun safes, floor safes and data/media safes are all right for you. You may also consider our unique line of luxury and high security safes if you're looking to secure things like jewelry. For a business, you would want to look for categories such as depository safes, B and C rate chests, high security safes, and smart safes. We even offer safes for specific business types such as medical centers, banks, and movie theaters. The tab labeled "Safes and Vaults" at the top of this page is a great place to begin. Finding the right safe can be confusing. Feel free to call us, or send an e-mail, anytime!

Where can I buy a safe?

Buying a safe is a serious decision which we do not take lightly. When buying a safe, be certain that you'll be in good hands not only during the purchase process but throughout the entire life of the safe. Acme Safe Company has been in business since 1904. Our vast range of knowledge and experience allows us to offer quality products at affordable prices. Aside from our great product, the Acme Safe service team includes 24/7 service/support including a call center, vehicle fleet, and staff with years of training and experience. This unique combination makes Acme Safe Company an ideal choice when buying a safe.

What is the difference between a fire safe and a burglar/fire safe?

Our fire safes provide a level of fire protection that is rated. In fact, our fire safes are the highest rated fire safes available. Although our fire safes are burglar resistant, they are not rated like burglar and fire safes are. A burglar and fire safe will give you a fire and a burglar rating.

What kind of lock should I choose?

Your lock selection for your safe is truly a matter of preference. There are some advantages and disadvantages to each. One of the biggest reasons people like electronic locks is because they are much faster to access. A simple 6 digit code is faster than operating a dial lock. Electronic keypads are also very user friendly. The downside of electronic locks is that they do require some maintenance. If you forget your combination or enter the wrong code too many times, the safe will lockout, not allowing you to enter any additional codes for some time. Although, some look at this as a security feature. Electronic locks also cost more money than dial locks as well. Dial locks have been around for over 100 years so they are very secure and reliable. With the proper care and service, dial combination locks have proven to last a very long time. Dial locks can be more difficult for elderly people to operate or individuals that have bad hands. Dial locks will require a professional to change the combination and they are also not as easy to open as electronic or fingerprint safes.

What are the ratings for your fire safes?

The fire rating of your safe obviously depends on the type of safe you have. Our fire safes are the highest rated fire safe available. They can easily withstand 1,832 degree temperatures for at least one hour. Our larger safes have an increased fire rating from 1.5 to 2 hours. Our data safes are rated the same as our fire safes. They are designed to keep internal temperatures below certain levels in order to protect electronics. Our gun safes also have a fire rating. Gun safes are rated for 20 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes at 1200 to 1400 degrees. The ratings of these are specific for each safe. At the top of our website, you will see a tab called safes and vaults. In this section, you will be able to select the type of safe you are looking for and get the ratings, sizes, and options for each.

Can you outfit an entire business?

Yes. Acme Safe has over 100 years of experience outfitting entire businesses. Our vast level of experience can easily ensure the most secure situation for your business. The following are just some of the many businesses Acme Safe has had experience securing: Bars and Restaurants, Pharmacy and Hospital Facilities, Military and Government Buildings, Banks and Financial Institutions, Jewelry Stores, Movie Theaters, and Gaming Institutions to name a few.

What is the difference between your safes and others?

Our safes are made out of high quality materials such as steel and other heavy duty materials that are designed to repel fire and burglary threats all while protecting your precious valuables and treasures. We cut no corners. None of our products are constructed of a plastic material like some of our competitors. Here is just one example. Our fire safes are the highest rated fire safes available. Some companies may say that their safe is fire rated when in fact the rating may not be very good or suitable for your specific application. Obviously, a fire rating of 1,832 degrees for 2 hours is better than a fire rating of 350 degrees for 30 minutes. It is important pieces of information such as this that need to be considered when making a safe purchase. Acme Safe is also a full service company. This means that if you should ever have a problem or issue, you have a number to call for help. When you purchase a safe from us, you are not only just buying a safe. What you are buying along with your safe is a 24/7 support company with 115 years of experience.

How can I get service for my safe?

Acme Safe is a full service, support, and solutions company. Getting help is simple and easy. Simply give us a call or go to the service tab on our website to fill out a service form. A member of our service department will work hard to respond to your request as soon as possible.

What types of services does your company perform?

Lost combinations - Lock repair - Safe moves and removals - Emergency safe opening - Safe lock repair and replacement - Handle and bolt work repair - Safe installation - Combination changes - Vault moving

Do you sell used safes?

We have an impressive line of used safes. Our experienced staff make our used safes look new. Special care is given to each safe so that you get a quality product at a discounted price. Check out our vast used safe inventory.

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      Shipping & Handling is Free on all products within the Continental U.S. Free UPS Shipping on products under 80 lbs via standard Ground Shipping with an estimated delivery between 3-5 Business Days. All shipments over 80 lbs are considered Dock-to-Dock Freight Shipments by common carrier with a delivery time frame of 3-7 Business Days. Residential requires liftgate service to deliver the safe curbside, for commercial facilities delivery is to a loading dock.

      For Freight shipments, we offer Inside Delivery for an additional charge as noted on each product page.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: The delivery staff will not take your safe or vault door any further than curbside if this is the service you order. Freight companies will not deliver to your driveway on a Dead End road or Cul de Sac. They will only deliver to County, City or State roads. They will not deliver to a congested downtown area with no parking or a Doorman Condo or Apartment. Garage/Threshold Delivery or Inside Delivery are available for an extra charge if you need special delivery services. Please call 818-899-2222 for other delivery options if any of these cases apply to you.

      Please call (212) 226 - 2500 if any of the special delivery considerations apply and we can provide a quote for your specific arrangements :

      • For shipping outside the Continental U.S.
      • If shipping directly to APO/FPO Locations.
      • You want upgraded shipping options on a package under 150 lbs including 3 day, 2 day and Next Day Shipping
      • If you need a special delivery time frame on Freight shipments
      • Please Note: Used Safes are not covered under the Free Shipping program.