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Rated High Security Safes

Acme Safe Company provides expert experience, knowledge, and superior products when it comes to our high security safes.  We distribute only the finest high security safes designed to repel robbery threats. Acme Safe offers all U.L. high security safes featuring the only U.L. TRTL60x6 safe on the market. Be sure to check out our vast line of high security safes below. 

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Standard Features


- Easy access with high security protection

- Proven systems that work time and time again

- Security against theft and robbery

- Quickly get your money and items

- Durable products that can be used multiple times again and again

- Technologies designed to repel robbery threats

- Strong high security features that protect what is inside

- Thick walls and doors that stand up to torch and drill attacks

Lock Options


- S&G

- LaGard

- Kaba Mas

- SecuRam

- Mechancial locks

- 2 and 3 movement time locks

- Electronic lock options

- Redundant lock options

- Auxiliary lock options



- Various shelving options available

- Several size options including building to exact specifications

- Many lock options available (see below)

- Spyproof combination dials



- Eva-Dry 500

- Eva-Dry 333

Please Note:

*  These lock options are available on most units

** Lock options are available upon request with

    some requiring factory installation

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Please Note: All measurements are in inches. Dimensions include handle and object projection.

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