Home Invasion Evasion

Invasion Evasion

The scary thing about a home invasion is that you’re home while the burglar or burglars are inside of your house. Criminals don’t always know what they’re walking into during the day but once the sun goes down at night, it’s a whole different story. Unlike a usual burglary, home invasions typically require homework and research. This particular type of burglar will spend time analyzing the property or specifically targeting a person. Below are some great tips that you can use to help deter and prevent a home invasion.

– Keep your home exterior well lit. Use motion detectors and flood lights to illuminate dark areas.

– Lock all windows and doors, even the windows on the second floor.

– Upgrade your door locks. Bump-Proof Medeco Locks are worth the extra money.

– Have a solid home safe with burglar protection to store your valuables. Keep your safe and the location of it a secret.

– Having a gun safe gives you the ability to give your home invaders more than what they bargained for.

– Insure your alarm system works correctly. Turn it on when you’re at home and have headed to bed for the night.

– Keep your cell phone next to you by the bed in case you have to call 911 quickly.

– NEVER let people know you’re going on vacation via social media. Wait until you return from your trip to post pictures.

The best defense is simply knowing your neighborhood. Notice when something is out of place like a strange car parked in an unusual spot with more than 1 or 2 passengers. Don’t ignore suspicious activity. Even when walking your dog or jogging, use that time to learn the terrain. Learning things like the patterns of your neighbors, what vehicles they drive, and how many people live in the residence is a good practice. Don’t be afraid to call the police on a strange person or vehicle out of place. It’s better to look paranoid vs. feeling the regret of preventing something you knew could be potentially dangerous.

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