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Other Used Safes

Acme Safe offers a wide range of used safes. Special care ensures that each used safe is fully restored. The result is a next to new safe with a significant discount that gets passed onto you, our valued customer. 

ISM - Jewel Guard

Outside: 51H x 27.5W x 26D

Inside: 32.5H x 19W x 15D

Lock Type: Combo

Shelves: 1 

Weight: 3,316 lbs. 

Reference Number: A88

Acme Safe

Outside: 61.5H x 36W x 26.5D

Inside: 59H x 34W x 22.5D

Weight: 3,500 lbs.

Reference Number: A31

Gary Safe

Outside: 58H x 42W x 28D

Inside: 50H x 34W x 18D

Weight: 1,200 lbs.

Reference Number: A95


Outside: 75H x 36.5W x 27D

Inside: 59.5H x 30W x 16.5D

Lock Type: Combo

Shelves: 3

Weight: 800 lbs.

Reference Number: A189

Herring Hall Marvin


Swiss Graded with Inner Compartment

Outside: 40H x 27W x 28D

Inside: 33H x 19W x 16D

Reference Number: A159


Meilink Fire Safe

Gladiator - Burglar and Fire Safe

A308 and A155.jpg


Outside: 30H x 20W x 20D

Reference Number: A155

Outside: 17H x 12W x 17D

Reference Number: A148

Outside: 29.5H x 22W x 22D

Reference Number: A151


York Data Safe


Outside: 46H x 26.5W x 28D

Inside: 17H x 20W x 18D

IC: 12"H

Reference Number: A307


Outside: 74H x 45W x 33D

Inside: 64H x 34W x 15D

Reference Number: A313


Stack-On Gun Safe 592922

Outside: 59H x 28W x 22.5D

Inside: 56.5H x 26.5W x 17D

Weight: 386 lbs. 

Reference Number: Stack-On



Outside: 33H x 29W x 25D

Inside: 32.5H x 28.5W x 22D

Weight: 300 lbs. 

Reference Number: U-332925

Outside: 33H x 29W x 20D

Inside: 32.5H x 28.5W x 17D

Weight: 290 lbs. 

Reference Number: U-332920

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Please Note: All measurements are in inches. Dimensions include handle and object projection.

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