Auto-Bolt Max

Automatic Deadbolt Protection

Auto-Bolt delivers deadbolt multi-point locking with an automatic locking function for high-traffic doors, securing the door each time it closes. Designed for locations accessible by staff and the public alike, AUTO-BOLT’”MAX offers maximum protection against break-ins combined with a simple unlock action.

It is fully compatible with standard, specialized high-security, removable core and restricted key systems using mortise cylinders. The optional electric release integrates with all access control systems and all the required signals (like REX, bolt position and door position) are available. Surface and concealed vertical rod models are available. (Service mount is shown in the picture)


Multi-Point Deadbolt Protection Against Break-Ins

  • Instant Deadbolt Locking Each Time The Door Closes
  • Thru-Bolted Trim
  • Stainless Steel Deadbolts Project 1 Full Inch
  • The door is deadbolted to the frame at the top, two positions on the lock edge and two on the hinge edge
  • Stainless steel thru-bolt plates enhance forced-entry resistance
  • Optional Signal Switches for REX, DPS, BPS are available

Complete Code Compliance

  • Just one motion retracts all the deadbolts simultaneously
  • Meets ADA requirements for single motion exiting
  • Easy one-motion entry by key or via access control system
  • Easy To Install
  • Ideal for retrofit or new construction
  • Internal or stainless steel surface-housing models
  • Inswing & outswing models available


  • Tested for over 1 million cycles
  • Stainless steel lock body and internal parts
  • Lower bolt projects into the frame, eliminating hole in the floor
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Auto-Bolt Max