Cell Phone Safe

The B7148DD solid steel safe is designed for commercial use. This large unit provides ample storage and with two independently locking doors it allows for the separation of high value inventory to reduce the risk of potential loss. It comes with four adjustable shelves per side providing flexible internal configurations for storing inventory of varying sizes. Securing your valuable assets in these versatile safes helps to reduce the threat of internal and external theft.


  • B‐rated safe with 1/2” thick solid steel doors
  • MAuto door detents and thick 1” in diameter, live locking bolts
  • Adjustable, ball bearing hinges
  • Spring‐loaded relockers
  • Equipped with commercial grade UL tested electronic lock
  • Outside Dimensions: 71”H x 48”W x 28”D
  • Each Side Inside: 70.5”H x 23.75”W x 22”D
  • Shelves: 8 adjustable (additional shelving available)
  • Weight: 1,280 lbs.


  • Electronic locks that allow multiple user codes, time delay, and time and date audit trail
  • Additional shelves (By request)
$ 5,014