TL-30 Reliance Silver

(212) 226 - 2500

- Fire rated at 1,200 degrees for 2 hours

- Multiple lock options available

- Heavy-duty hinges

- High security protection

- Thick bolt work

- Tri-spoke handle



Outside: 24.75H x 23W x 27.5D

Inside: 19.75H x 18W x 15.25D

Weight: 540 lbs

Shelf: 1 shelf


Outside: 30.5H x 23W x 27.5D

Inside: 25.5H x 18W x 15.25D

Weight: 670 lbs

Shelf: 1 shelf


Outside: 40H x 29W x 30D

Inside: 35H x 24W x 20D

Weight: 990 lbs

Shelf: 2 shelves


Outside: 46H x 24.5W x 29D

Inside: 41H x 19.5W x 16.75D

Weight: 950 lbs

Shelf: 3 shelves


Outside: 50H x 29W x 32.25D

Inside: 45H x 24W x 20D

Weight: 1,180 lbs

Shelf: 3 shelves


Outside: 59H x 29W x 32.25D

Inside: 54H x 24W x 20D

Weight: 1,340 lbs

Shelf: 3 shelves



Outside: 70H x 33W x 32.25D

Inside: 65H x 28W x 20D

Weight: 1,630 lbs

Shelf: 4 shelves


Outside: 77H x 41W x 38.25D

Inside: 72H x 36W x 26D

Weight: 2,880 lbs

Shelf: 5 shelves





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Rated High Security Safes

Lock Type: Group 1R Lock

A US/U.L. TL-30 safe with a Group 1R lock is greater than a class 5 designated safe which is only tested for surreptitious entry. A TL-30 safe is tested by U.L. against someone with knowledge and proper tooling not to be able to open the door for 30 minutes with a lower level group 2 mechanical combination lock. We add the Group 1R lock which is also radiologic proof and has an extra internal wheel inside, making it much more difficult to enter. The safe configured this way is DEA accepted. 


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Please Note: All measurements are in inches. Dimensions include handle and object projection.

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