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Used Fire Safes

Need a fire safe? Below you will find our impressive line of used fire safes. Get a great deal and quality service. Have a question? Give us a call or send an email to info@acmesafenewyork to find out more today. 

Outside: 26H x 20W x 19.5D

Inside: 21H x 15W x 17.25

Lock Type: Combo

Weight: 1,200 lbs. 



Rhino Fire Safe

Burglar and Fire Safe

Outside: 23H x 22.5W x 24.5D

Inside: 17H x 17W x 15D

Lock Type: S&G Combo

Shelves: 1

Weight: 800 lbs. 

Reference Number: A67 


Outside: 47H x 48W x 28.5D

Inside: 35H x 41W x 18D

Lock Type: Combo

Shelves: 2

Weight: 800 lbs. 

Reference Number: A112

Mosler Class B

Outside: 49H x 24W x 21D

Inside: 39H x 19W x 16D

Lock Type: S&G Combination

Weight: 1,200 lbs. 

Reference Number: A20 


Meilink - 1 Hour Fire Safe

Outside: 39.5H x 29.75W x 30D

Inside: 27H x 19W x 16D

Lock Type: Combo

Shelves: 1

Weight: 950 lbs. 

Reference Number: A23

Schwab Data Safe

Fire Safe 130 

Outside: 57H x 30.5W x 28D

Inside: 47.5H x 23.5W x 17.25D

Lock Type: Key and combo

Shelves: 1 

Weight: 767 lbs. 

Reference Number: A61 

Outside: 62.5H x 22.75W x 24D

Inside: 56H x 18.25W x 18D

Lock Type: LaGard electronic

Shelves: 4

Weight: 680 lbs. 

Reference Number: A72

Schwab 1856CN

Outside: 34H x 30.5W x 31D

Inside Top: 23.5H x 20W x 16D

Lock Type: Combination & Key

Shelves: 1

Weight: 2,513 lbs. 

Reference Number: A187


Rosengrens BR 24 Jupiter 6           High Security Safe


Chubb Fire Safe

Reference Number A182

Meilink Fire Safe

Outside: 50H x 18W x 19D

Reference Number A217

Outside: 20H x 16.5W x 14D

Reference Number A223

Mosler Fire Safe

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Please Note: All measurements are in inches. Dimensions include handle and object projection.

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