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Vault Restorations

With over 110 years of experience, Acme Safe has the ability to fully restore any old or damaged vault to new condition. You will be impressed with the superior level of care that we give to your restoration. Discover the quality, durability, and service of Acme Safe vault restorations. See below for some of our most recent projects.




We Restore: 

- Pharmacy Vaults 

- Vitamin Vaults

- Bank Vaults

- Wine Vaults

- Government Vaults

- Military Vaults

- Jewelry Vaults

- Modular Vaults 



         Luxury Safes - Fire Safes - Burglar and Fire Safes - High Security Safes - Depository Safes - B and C Rate Chests - Vaults                            






Please Note: All measurements are in inches. Dimensions include handle and object projection.

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